Beautiful Eid Cards


When our arms can’t reach people

Close to our hearts,

We always hug them with our prayers.


It’s almost time for Eid! It’s so strange but every year we witness how Allah helps make Ramadan so easy and wonderful when before the start of this month, we all wonder how are we going to manage our daily activities in addition to fasting. Ramadan commences and just as we are totally immersed in its glory, feeding our souls with spiritual meditation, we realize that it’s time to bid this special month goodbye! This last week of Ramadan is such a bittersweet time for all of us. While we scramble to make the most of this amazing month, we also start getting ready for our reward at the end. Our Eid celebrations!

The concept for my Eid cards came quite unexpectedly to me a few years ago. As we live so far away from our families, our first priority is making Eid cards and sending them on time. I’m so happy to see that we have many readymade Eid cards available to purchase online today but this was not the case before. And frankly, I still feel the charm of a handmade card full of love far surpasses any store bought card. It’s also another great way to involve your kids and unleash the creativity together!

When my son turned four, my dad sent him a Polaroid camera for his birthday as he had started showing a lot of interest in photography. We all fell in love with this camera and today have a whole wall dedicated to our Polaroid pictures. There’s definitely a rustic charm to these pictures. You get transported back to simpler & cozy times! You can buy it on Amazon from here. When I was making Eid cards that year, I dressed my babies in their Eid finery and took a few pictures of them with the Polaroid. Then I stuck these inside the cards.

I use designer paper with beautiful colors as the background for my cards. This marble one is gorgeous and a similar one can be purchased here. I then use glitter, sharpie, paints and stencils to design the card. Be as creative and colorful as you want! Doesn’t the card look gorgeous with its bold colors? 😍

If you have no time to make from scratch, buy a blank card with a beautiful front design. Then make it your own with your own traditions and twists.

The result: Gorgeous Eid cards that have a special love-token inside them for the recipient. Needless to say, this will be the most treasured Eid card!

My family has been collecting these pictures and it’s amazing to see how the kids have changed and grown over the years!

As we are heading towards the end of this blessed month, sending you all loads of best wishes and prayers. May Allah accept all our prayers & bless all of us, our families & friends, loved ones & every human being with His mercy & love! Ameen! ❤️

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  1. YUMNA says:

    Wow! Amazing work. Super creative. Love the vibrant colors❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leena says:

      Thank you so much! ❤️


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