When my sister visits…


A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

-Marion C. Garretty

2018 ended on a happy note for me! This was because of all the fun and excitement of my sister’s visit from Denver with her beautiful family. ❤️

Whenever my sister visits, time goes by way too fast. There is a lot of laughter, late night chats, conversations punctuated with dialogues from our favorite movies that we watched a thousand times growing up. We never get bored talking about the same thing – our parents, our sisters, and our relatives. Commiserating about our childhood is still riveting. No matter how many times we tell the same stories – they are still fun! She reminds me of my crazy childhood antics and I wonder how, why or what prompted me to act that way and laugh at myself. We cook all our favorite dishes, the ones our mom made that we loved, as well as eat out at our favorite places. We show each other our new dresses, makeup or shoes. Boundaries around what’s mine dissolve around sisters as you can borrow whatever strikes your fancy! Due to this, sisters also make amazing shopping buddies and personal stylists who give honest opinions on what’s looking good on you. After all, they will be wearing it too someday! 😂

We listen to stories about each other’s kids as though they are our own because in fact they almost are. The house is filled with laughter and chaos of four kids having the time of their lives. They start playing from the time they open their eyes and enjoy a big slumber party every night. The sight of my husband reading at bedtime to these precious kids is just heart-melting! Aunts, uncles and cousins are such a blessing for children. My sister and brother-in-law are Mama & Papa to my kids while my husband and I are Baba and Leena Ammi to all my nieces and nephew. Spoiling your nieces and nephews has its own charm but my sister takes the cake in this regard! She spoils my kids so much that my son says that, “Mama gives the best presents in the world. She should be Santa!” 😂😂😂

For me, the highlight of her trip was my 10-month old nephew’s first visit to our home in Philly. He is the most adorable baby boy ever and I felt a piece of my heart went with him when he left! ❤️

As we have grown up, I’ve realized that the bond between us sisters is so unique. We can inspire each other and see each other like a mirror for how strong and beautiful we both are! I can see that bond developing between my daughter and my nieces. Mashallah! So grateful to have such amazing sisters! ❤️

Happy New Year to you all! 😘

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