My favorite Shampoo & Conditioner!


I have naturally curly hair. They have a mind of their own and twist into loose or tightly coiled ringlets depending on their mood. Growing up my mother always made sure my hair was in a short bob till I reached High School. She figured it was easier to manage especially with the heat in Saudi Arabia. But as soon as I got the opportunity, I grew my hair till they reached my waist! My dream for long hair was finally a reality. And then, I got married and had kids! Sigh!! 😒

Two pregnancies and my immense love for straight, smooth hair wrecked havoc on my hair health. The result – I had to chop them off and then they wouldn’t grow past my shoulders! 😞

Finally, four years ago, out of pure frustration and lack of time, I finally ditched the straighteners and greasy hair smoothing cremes. I embraced my natural curls, switched my hair care routine to vegan and paraben-free products and never looked back! I’ve seen an amazing difference in my hair’s health and love the results.

This is my hair at present without any sort of chemical product or heat styling. Heck, I’ve never even colored my hair ever! It was a slow, learning & accepting process. One that I am happy for undergoing.

For the past few months, I’ve been loving the “Love Beauty & Planet’s” shampoo & conditioner with Shea Butter and Australian Sandalwood. I have a very greasy scalp but my curls tend to go very frizzy if they get over dry. The formula of this shampoo & conditioner is so moisturizing yet revitalizing! It cleans and rehydrates hair without the weighty buildup.

The result- Clean hair feeling so smooth & hydrated, and smelling oh so good!

I also love the fact that in addition to the formula being vegan & silicon, parabens free, the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic. Much needed in this time of global warming! ❤️

If you are on the hunt for affordable, vegan and environmental friendly hair care, then please consider “Love, beauty & Planet”. I’m sure you will fall in love with this brand as much as I did! 😊

Note: This post is NOT sponsored by anyone. These are my own personal views and recommendations.

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