Muslim Exhibit at the Please Touch Museum

Hello, everyone!! ❤️

You can see how happy I am to see the traditional Pakistani truck with its vibrant art. This is up for display at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia at their America to Zanzibar – Muslim cultures near and far exhibit.

This amazing exhibit was originally developed by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in 2016 and has finally arrived in Philly. And for the right reasons too! Philadelphia has one of the largest Muslim populations of any major US city. This Muslim community is vibrant, colorful and worthy of exploring and a closer look.

This multimedia exhibit is designed for children ages 2-10 and will be running till 2nd September, 2019.

This exhibit will give children the chance to learn about Muslim cultures in an engaging way through art, architecture, travel & trade. It also provides an opportunity for parents to start the conversation needed now a days in response to anti-Muslim rhetoric. Children need to understand about the diversity of Muslim communities – Families that have lived here for generations, men and women who have converted, as well as immigrants and refugees from many countries have made their home here.

There are 5 major exhibits but with a Philly twist!

  • There are 3D replicas of Middle Eastern and South Asian architecture and art. Children can decorate a Pakistani truck or spend time in a traditional outdoor courtyard.
  • The Global Marketplace features stalls from Muslim countries, where children can pretend to buy and sell spices from Egypt, ceramics from Turkey, and rugs from Morocco, catch fish at the Zanzibari fish market, or design outfits inspired by the West African fashion.

  • You can see the beautiful, calming environment of the Mosque from inside. There is also a prayer room, not only as an example of Muslim culture but a practical place where visitors can perform their prayers.
    The last exhibit is an American home showcasing how many common home items are sourced or inspired by the Muslim culture.

In addition, there is also commissioned art from acclaimed Philadelphia artists including ancient artifacts loaned from the Free Library of Philadelphia and the PENN Museum.

My kids loved climbing on top of the camel and then exploring the sounds the different instruments make. They also loved the market place!

You can also enjoy bean pies and halal cart style chicken & rice with white & red sauce at the Please Touch Museum’s Cafe’s new menu items that celebrate the featured exhibit.

Additionally, in May – just in time for Ramadan- there will be a play called Bashirah and the Amazing Bean Pie based on the book by Muslim Author Ameenah Muhammad Diggins. The play revolves around 8 year old Bashirah, an African American Muslim and her friend Fatimah, who is Pakistani American. It showcases the cultural diversity – even between Muslims and explores the power of friendship, kindness and acceptance. Kids can relate by recognizing familiar terms like “Bismillah” and “As Salam u alaikum”. They will appreciate the message conveyed that there’s nothing weird about anybody’s culture.

Overall this was a fantastic experience for both kids and adults! My kids enjoyed this exhibit a lot and with time left, enjoyed their favorite parts of this amazing museum. I highly recommend everyone to check it out.



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