Our favorite Ramadan books

Ramadan is the perfect time to introduce little kids to this Holy month and to help older kids increase their knowledge about Islam and its history.

I always hide the Ramadan books and bring them out just before Ramadan begins and the kids eagerly wait to read them. Our book collection has grown over the years and I keep adding more books to cater for my son who is 9 years old this Ramadan. It’s hard to find books for older boys so I’m sharing our favorite books of all times!

Story of the Holy Prophet Muhammad

Author: Humera Malik

Recommended Age group: 7-13 years old.

This book is fantastic and a must buy for parents with older kids. My 9 year old son finished the book in two days and said that he loved it so much that he couldn’t stop reading it. The book has been divided into 30 short chapters designed to be read everyday of Ramadan. Each chapter is well written and has ample material for discussion with your child. On completing the book, your child will be in awe of the Prophet’s life and will be inspired to implement some ways in his own.

Highly recommend for older kids.

A party in Ramadan

Author: Asma Mobin-Uddin

Illustrator: Laura Jacobsen

Recommended Age group: 7-12 years

This book is very special to me as the main character of this story shares my name! Leena is excited to keep her first ever fast but she also receives an invitation to attend her friend’s birthday on the same day in Ramadan. Now she is faced with the dilemma of how to manage both.

This book is great for older kids. The story is beautifully crafted and the illustrations are well done. Muslim kids will be able to relate very well to the story. It also highlights respect for people’s differences and beliefs. Excellent book to teach about diversity, tolerance and respect towards one another.

Lailah’s Lunchbox

Author: Reem Faruqi

Illustrator: Lea Lyon

Recommended Age group: 6-12 years

This is a beautiful story that encourages Muslim kids to accept their differences and helps them to start spreading awareness about their faith. A perfect Ramadan book for kids going to school. Lailah is in a new school in a new country and is excited when Ramadan begins. But she gets nervous about informing her teacher and friends all about Ramadan and fasting and is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to give the teacher her mother’s note. The book helps the reader find a way to explain Ramadan to their fellow students and teachers. It also encourages kids to make friends who are kind and respectful of their cultures and traditions.

Ilyas and Duck – Ramadan Joy

Author: Omar S. Khawaja

Illustrator: Leo Antolini

Recommended Age groups: 4-8 years

If your kids are fans of Ilyas and Duck then this is a great addition to the series. My 6 year old daughter loved the book and read it twice the first time she got her hands on it. She loved Duck’s antics and read aloud to me all the funny parts while excitedly pointing at the beautiful illustrations. The story is perfect for elementary school kids. Mr. Mean is a nice addition to the story and the kids loved the ending. Definitely a wonderful book to add to your Ramadan collection.


Author: Hannah Eliot

Illustrator: Rashin Kheiriyeh

Recommended Age group: 2-7 years

This board book is my absolute favorite Ramadan book. The illustrations are so beautiful and mesmerizing! The text is a great and simple way to introduce Ramadan to elementary children. Due to its vibrant and stunning illustrations, I have bought many copies to give as gifts to friends and to school libraries. Love, love, love this book and highly recommend it!

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns – A Muslim Book of Colors

Author: Hena Khan

Illustrator: Mehrdokht Amini

Recommended Age group: 2-6 years

The illustrations of this book are so beautiful and vibrant. The text is simple and perfect as an introductory book for young readers. Highly recommend for Muslim families as well as those who want to broaden their understanding of Islam and its custom and traditions.

It’s Ramadan- Curious George

Recommended Age group: 2-6 years

Penned by Hena Khan, this book needs no introduction. Kids love to read about their favorite monkey and the Man with the yellow hat celebrating Ramadan. A must have book for sure!

The four Caliphs of Islam

Available at Goodword.com

Recommended Age group: 8-15 years

These books are the perfect way to introduce your older child to the four Caliphs of Islam. These four books, penned by different authors are easy to read and understand as well as contain a wealth of information and knowledge. My 9 year old was very interested in reading them one after the other. Perfect for older kids.

1001 Inventions and awesome Facts from Muslim Civilizations.

Recommended Age group: 8 and up

This book is perfect for older kids and is a great introduction to discoveries and inventions made by Muslim scientists and explorers. It’s a great book to have on your coffee table so that kids can keep glancing through the pages. Great way to initiate conversations about Muslim Civilizations and to have further research. Overall a very interesting book teaching kids about Muslim history. The pictures are great for reference. This will be a wonderful addition to any library.

Activity Books

Recommended Ages: 6 and up

I bought these activity books from Amazon. These are all fun and a great way for kids to keep themselves engaged. There are word searches, mazes, short stories with questions and even craft activities. My kids love all of them!

The small books on Prophet Muhammad are given to my kids as gifts from my sister in Saudi Arabia so unfortunately you can’t find them here in America. The rest are all available on Amazon and different sites.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my book recommendations for Ramadan and benefited from it. Let me know what your favorite books are in the comments so that I can add them to my growing collection!

Above all, take the time to sit every day with your children and reflect on the mercy of Allah and practice gratitude. Pray for each other, your loved ones and for the people on this earth!

Have a blessed Ramadan! ❤️

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  1. Sara says:

    I was looking for Ramadan presents for a 4 year old niece and didn’t know where to start. This was such a good summary and so helpful!! Thank you for your comments and recommendations

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leena says:

      I’m so glad it helped you in your decision! I’m sure your niece will love the book you choose. ❤️


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