Marvel Superheroes Exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

If you are anywhere on the East Coast and a big fan of the Marvel Superheroes then this exhibit is one you cannot miss out on! It’s an opportunity to totally immerse yourself in the heroes’ origin tales as well as see over 300 original artifacts including costumes, props (Captain America’s shield is one of them!), and original, rare hand drawn art.

The exhibit starts by featuring a short documentary style film narrating how the comics and the superheroes within came into being. My son is a big fan of Captain America while my husband can’t stop telling him how Iron Man is the coolest & strongest avenger. So they were both delighted to see entire sections devoted to their favorite superheroes.


    A fully immersive design that will fascinate both children and adults.
    Hand-drawn and really cool first images of iconic heroes such as Black Panther, Spider Man, and our personal favorite Captain America – by artists who first drew and shaped them.
    Memorial Wall for Stan Lee, displaying clips of his many cameos through the Marvel Studio Films.
    Several interactive and amazing elements including the opportunity to travel through the mysterious mirror dimension of Doctor Strange, or be digitally transformed into Iron Man.
    Opportunity to pose for pictures and selfies alongside life-size representations of Black Panther, Spider Man, Hulk and other iconic Marvel Characters.
    Iconic props and costumes including those worn in Black Panther (2018), Captain America (2015), and Captain Marvel (2018).

This exhibit needs a lot of time and patience to explore. It’s not only physically big but they pack so much information information that it really is a lot to take in.

There’s also a gift shop at the end featuring a range of collectibles, toys and some cool shirts. My favorite was the bracelet featuring the six infinity stones.

Overall this exhibit is ideal for kids aged 7 & up. It has been running in the Franklin Institute all summer and this is the final week. Would highly recommend for fans to go and soak in all that history and take some selfies!


Members: $12 per person

Non-members: $35 per person

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