Beat the heat with “Lassi”

Philadelphia is in the grasp of a seemingly never ending heat wave. With a high of 97F which feels like 108F 🤯, the only options are to remain indoors or lounge in the pool!

As I was walking the kids back from their school, the only thing that kept me moving were these glasses of chilled “Lassi” waiting for us at home. This traditional yoghurt drink is known to beat the heat and cause a cooling effect inside the body. This is the best drink to have on such a hot day. 😓

I mixed equal parts of full fat yoghurt and milk along with sugar and a dash of maple syrup for sweetness. Blended it all with ice until nice and frothy! Refreshing drink is ready to chug!! 😋

I love summer but am ready for some fall weather now! Let’s see when we get to feel and hear the nice, cool & crisp breeze rustling through the trees! ❤️

#phillinaskitchen #whatleenadid

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